FROM Meaning in Hindi (From का अर्थ हिन्दी में)

 From –   फ़्राम  



– कारण से

– प्रायः

– आरंभ से

– अनुसार

Examples of the words used – 

1) Showing the place, direction, or time that somebody/something starts or started

 स्‍थान, दिशा या समय की दृष्टि से किसी व्‍यक्ति या वस्‍तु के कुछ आरंभ करने या होने का सूचक; से

A cold wind is blowing from the east.

Water was dripping from the tap.

Sanjay’s on holiday from next Friday.     

The supermarket is open from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. every day.

2) Showing the person who sent or gave something 

उस व्‍यक्ति का सूचक जो किसी को कुछ देता या भेजता है; से

I borrowed this pen from my sister.

A phone call from my father.

3) Showing the origin of somebody/something 

व्‍यक्ति या वस्‍तु के मूल स्‍थान या स्रोत का सूचक; का/से

Where do you come from? I’m from Mumbai.

Cheese from France and Italy.

Quotations from Shakespeare.

4) Showing the material which is used to make something 

उस वस्‍तु का सूचक जिससे कोई वस्‍तु बनाई जाती है; से

Paper is made from wood.

This sauce is made from mint and tamarind.

A table made of wood.

A house made of bricks.

5)Showing the distance between two places

दो स्‍थानों के बीच दूरी बताने वाला; से

The house is five kilometers from the town center.

I work not far from here.

6) Showing the point at which a series of prices etc., start

 उस बिंदु का सूचक जहाँ से क़ीमतों, अंकों आदि की शृंखला आरंभ होती है; से

Our prices start from Rs 250 a bottle.

Tickets cost from Rs 25 to Rs 125.

7)Showing the state of somebody/something before a change 

व्‍यक्ति या वस्‍तु की उस स्थिति का सूचक जहाँ किसी बात में बदलाव आया; से

The time of the meeting has been changed from 7 to 8 o’clock.

The article was translated from Malayalam into English.

Things have gone from bad to worse.

8) Showing that somebody/something is taken away, removed or separated from somebody/something else

 किसी व्‍यक्ति या वस्‍तु का किसी अन्‍य व्‍यक्ति से अलग होने या किए जाने का सूचक; से

Kids do not like being separated from their parents for a long period of time.

In mathematics-

8 from 12 leaves 4.

9) Showing something that you want to avoid

 उस स्थिति का सूचक जिससे कोई बचना चाहता है; से

There was no shelter from the wind for the goat.

This game will stop you from getting bored.

10) Showing the cause of something 

किसी स्थिति के कारण का सूचक; से

People in the camps are suffering from hunger and cold.

11) Showing the reason for forming an opinion or making a judgement 

कोई निर्णय करने या राय बताने के कारण का सूचक; से

You can tell quite a lot from a person’s handwriting.

12) Showing the difference between two places,things or people  

दो व्‍यक्तियों, स्‍थानों या वस्‍तुओं के बीच अंतर का सूचक; से

Is Bengali very different from Oriya?


From… on

-Starting at a particular time and continuing forever

-She never spoke to him again from that day on.

From now on you must earn your own living.

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